A lot of industrial sites and factories are composed of large buildings with long, flat rooftops. These rooftops are ideal places for birds to nest when they are searching for food or a safe haven.

Bird Control Lasers to Repel Birds from Rooftops are Used

  • Bird Control Lasers to Repel Birds from Rooftops are Used

Birds can be a problem for facility managers because they build their nests in ventilation shafts, this can cause fire hazards, this compromises the safety of employees who have to go up to repel the birds1.

Another major problem of birds on rooftops is that they can transmit disease and their droppings can be damaging to products, cars and equipment.

There is high maintenance for companies that have bird problems on their rooftops, they usually have to hire specialised personal to climb the roof, therefore effective bird control is crucial.

An environmentally friendly form of bird control are bird deterrent lasers, the ultimate laser has been developed by applying a combination of precise optics, filtering and light frequencies. The goal is to provide exceptional performance in bird control and maintaining safety for both birds and humans.

  • Bird Control Lasers to Repel Birds from Rooftops are Used

How are bird control lasers used on rooftops to repel birds?

Birds perceive the projected green laser as physical danger and this causes the birds to fly away immediately when the laser is pointing in their direction.

Usually the laser is used during dusk and dawn, but after one configuration it is fully automated. The laser can cover over 3000 acres and has built in safety features that insures no humans are harmed and it causes no damage to the birds.

Facility managers use the Agrilaser Autonomic laser because it minimizes safety risks for employees, for example it prevents somebody climbing onto the roof. Reducing these risk can be at an exponential cost. The Agrilaser Autonomic is cost-effective, helping companies to solve bird problems efficiently and in an environmentally conscious way.

  • Bird Control Lasers to Repel Birds from Rooftops are Used

Packaging company Van der Gugten in Rijnsburg had problems with seagulls, they used the rooftop as their nesting place and caused clogged drains. The company stated that they had to unclog the drain five times a year and that their employees cars were consistently being covered in bird droppings. In 2014 the company decided to use the Agrilaser Autonomic, after testing it they concluded that it was beneficial for them because the system was automated and this provided them with effective bird control.

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