The Most Effective Bird Deterrent Device to Protect Fish from Birds

Fish farms are targeted by birds daily. This became a major problem since the bird population has risen. Once birds discover there is a high density of fish, they will attract more birds to the fish farm ponds1.

  • The Most Effective Bird Deterrent Device to Protect Fish from Birds

Birds do affect fish farms!

Birds can cause a significant negative economic impact on aquaculture. Birds not only eat fish but can also transmit diseases from one pond or aquaculture facility to another.

The traditional methods of bird control such as frightening, trapping and shooting do not ensure safety. Moreover, there are many laws and regulations that prevent farmers from shooting the birds. Having said that, we can conclude that traditional methods are not reliable and effective2.

A bird deterrent device that has been successful in helping fish farms with solving bird problems is the Agrilaser Autonomic. This bird deterrent device uses bird’s natural instincts as an advantage: the device projects a green laser beam towards the area where the birds are accumulating. The birds perceive this green laser beam as a threat and will get deterred to the surrounding areas immediately.

The Agrilaser Autonomic is the most suitable bird deterrent device for fish farms that suffer from invasive birds. The Agrilaser Autonomic is a cost-effective solution that ensures safety to humans and birds with built-in safety features.