In this video crows, pigeons and seagulls are dispersed from a train station

Gulls, crows and pigeons like to hide in stations for safety and the presence of food. This video and the manual gives a clear explanation on how to use the Lite in those situations.

Stations, museums and restaurants

The Lite is very well suited for use in public areas such as stations, museums and restaurants. Pigeons, starlings and crows are attracted to the abundance of food at restaurants which poses a health risk to the customers. Birds are known to spread over 60 diseases like E.coli and Salmonellosis. Birds like to sit in high places, like ornaments of museums and train stations. The droppings of birds will deteriorate the surface of these ornaments. This will result into high cleanup costs. Birds perceive the laser beam as a physical danger and, after systematic use of the laser, will not return. A groundskeeper or controller can use the Lite easily against birds.