How to prepare for bird perching at your Facility/Warehouse?

Make sure you are on time!

Bird nesting season begins in early February until August1. The nesting season can start before this period and take longer than expected. You should protect your facility building from bird nests before the bird nesting period.

During the nesting period, birds are looking for a quiet and safe place to nest where they can lay their eggs and raise their young ones.

Facilities are not permitted by the law to get rid of the birds and their nests during the nesting season. However, if the birds aren’t scared away, they will attract more birds to nest. This will increase bird damage to the buildings and create safety issues. Therefore, it is essential to prevent birds from nesting at facilities before the nesting season.

  • Prepare for nesting season

Do it now before it’s too late!

It is important to implement a bird control tool 3-4 months before the bird nesting season. One of the tools that are successfully utilised around the world is the laser bird deterrent system, the Autonomic3.

One of the most important factors of a successful bird control method is to be able to repel birds continuously without birds getting habituated to the device. The Autonomic is one of these long-term effective bird control methods. Once installed, the system starts projecting a green laser beam towards the birds that perceive it as a physical danger and fly away. Birds don’t get accustomed to the device and users of the automated bird repellent system have at least a 70% reduction in birds.

How to prepare for bird nesting season

It simply works!

Gulls were creating a major problem on the roof of an AG Real Estate warehouse in Belgium rented to Carrefour. The entire rooftop had become severely damaged by birds. The active bird presence led to EUR 10,800 in additional roof maintenance service costs in just one year. As a result of the implementation of the automated laser bird repellent before the bird nesting period, bird numbers were reduced by 75% and the facility maintenance costs decreased.