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The Bird Control Group team strives every day to help our customers towards the best bird control strategies, tailored to fit their specific situations. Behind the scenes our development team keeps innovating, making our products more effective, user friendly and durable every day. Our customer team closely works with our worldwide partners to provide excellent service and customer support.

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Steinar Henskes
Steinar HenskesFounder
Rik Bakker
Rik BakkerChief Executive Officer & Head of Commerce
Sylvia Hogenboom
Sylvia HogenboomHead of People & Culture
Pim Tammes
Pim TammesHead of Research & Development
Karlijn Eelvelt
Karlijn Eelvelt Global Customer & Sales Support and Supply Chain Lead
Bob van Haren
Bob van Haren Hardware Lead
Simone van den Heuvel
Simone van den HeuvelGlobal Technical Service Team Lead
Ani Manukyan
Ani ManukyanGlobal Marketing Lead
Rebecca Vermeij
Rebecca VermeijPeople Service and Recruitment Lead
Eric Koch
Eric KochRegional Commercial Lead - Americas
Saskia van Veen
Saskia van VeenCustomer & Sales Support Specialist
Tim Wissink
Tim WissinkSales Manager
Craig Duhr
Craig DuhrTerritory Manager Commercial Industrial - Southern Region North America
Mark Trompetter
Mark TrompetterFinancial Controller
Anas Shekhalhaddadin
Anas ShekhalhaddadinAccounts Payable
Juliaan Kleinloog
Juliaan KleinloogCommercial Director EMEA & APAC
Jeremy Perkins
Jeremy PerkinsTerritory Manager Agriculture - East Coast North America
 Dave Powers
Dave Powers Service Engineer - North America
Gaia Renna
Gaia RennaDigital Marketing Specialist
Noer Abdoel
Noer AbdoelTechnical Consultant
Diogo Arrais
Diogo ArraisSoftware Developer
Alyson Smith
Alyson SmithAdministrative Assistant - North America
Chantal van Holsteijn
Chantal van HolsteijnWebmaster & Multimedia Designer
Lori Hickey
Lori HickeySales Manager - Western US / Marketing Events Coordinator - North America
Sebastiaan van der Pol
Sebastiaan van der PolSofware Tester

Servando Sanchez

Warehouse Coordinator & Technical Support

Patrick van de Ven

Production & Quality Engineer

Michael van der Biessen

Technical Consultant

Zack Rorick

Technical Support Specialist – North America

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