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The Bird Control Group team strives every day to help our customers towards the best bird control strategies, tailored to fit their specific situations. Behind the scenes our development team keeps innovating, making our products more effective, user friendly and durable every day. Our customer team closely works with our worldwide partners to provide excellent service and customer support.

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Steinar Henskes
Steinar HenskesChief Executive Officer
Sylvia Hogenboom
Sylvia HogenboomHead of People & Culture
Pim Tammes
Pim TammesHead of Research & Development
Rik Bakker
Rik BakkerHead of Commerce
Ani Manukyan
Ani ManukyanGlobal Marketing Lead
Karlijn Eelvelt
Karlijn Eelvelt Customer & Sales Support Lead
Bob van Haren
Bob van Haren Hardware Lead
Melle Hofman
Melle HofmanSofware Lead
Brett Miller
Brett MillerSales Sector Lead Agriculture - North America
Eric Koch
Eric KochSales Sector Lead 
Commercial & Industrial - North America
Annemarie van Reeven
Annemarie van ReevenExecutive Business Partner
Corné Sweep
Corné SweepArea Sales Manager
Saskia van Veen
Saskia van VeenCustomer Service Specialist
Anirudh Bisht
Anirudh BishtEmbedded Systems Engineer
Tim Wissink
Tim WissinkSales Manager
Craig Duhr
Craig DuhrTerritory Manager Commercial Industrial - Southern Region North America
Pim Zwager
Pim ZwagerIT Engineer
Anouk Plas
Anouk PlasProject Coordinator
David van der Wal
David van der WalField Engineer
Kris Mooi
Kris Mooi AI Engineer
Linda Upeniece
Linda UpeniecePeople & Culture Specialist
Anas Shekhalhaddadin
Anas ShekhalhaddadinAccounts Payable
Andrea Kuhn
Andrea KuhnSocial Media and Content Assistant
Juliaan Kleinloog
Juliaan KleinloogArea Sales Manager Australia
Falco van Lit
Falco van LitMechanical & Field Engineer
Jeremy Perkins
Jeremy PerkinsTerritory Manager Agriculture - East Coast North America
 Dave Powers
Dave Powers Service Engineer - North America
Gaia Renna
Gaia RennaDigital Marketing Specialist
Turner Nickel
Turner NickelTechnical Support Specialist - North America
Omar El Gallad
Omar El GalladBusiness Developer
Pranav Prakash
Pranav Prakash AI Engineer
Jan Karssies
Jan KarssiesField Engineer
Steve Wheeler
Steve WheelerArea Sales Manager UK and Ireland
Venkatesh Chandrasekar
Venkatesh ChandrasekarProduct Manager
Diogo Arrais
Diogo ArraisSoftware Developer
Alyson Smith
Alyson SmithPeople, Culture & Recruitment Specialist - North America
Chantal van Holsteijn
Chantal van HolsteijnWebmaster & Multimedia Designer
Lori Hickey
Lori HickeyMarketing Events Coordinator - North America
Yilin Mao
Yilin MaoSupply Chain Coordinator
Sebastiaan van der Pol
Sebastiaan van der PolSofware Tester
Morgan Madeira
Morgan MadeiraMechanical Engineer
Hayley Rottenkolber
Hayley RottenkolberData Analyst
Tracy van Kleef
Tracy van KleefOffice Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Haddad Miladi

Senior Embedded System Engineer

Tomaž Rems

Full Stack Developer

Rebecca Vermeij

People Service and Recruitment Lead

Robert Maas Geesteranus

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Trompetter

Financial Controller

Servando Sanchez

Warehouse Coordinator & Technical Support

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