Bird Control Group uses laser beams to repel birds, amongst others on and around airports. Due to recent incidents where pilots were hit by lasers, one may question the safety of our products. Therefore, we would like to explain why our products are extremely safe.

In the last years numerous ‘laser strikes’ occurred: the nuisance that aircraft pilots experience when someone on the ground deliberately shines with a laser into the cockpit.

The negative publicity of these incidents can also raise questions concerning our bird control lasers. We can be very clear about that: the products of the Bird Control Group are extremely safe. There is not a single sign that the reported issues were caused by our products.

The highest safety standards on our products are realized by the following:

Proper education and training

Safe use of our products is an essential prerequisite. Bird Control Group therefore trains users to ensure the safe application of lasers. Moreover, we are involved in the development of regulations for safe use of laser on and around airports. E.g. we have contributed to the CAP772 standard of the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Safety features

We continuously strive to make our laser solutions safer. One of the features is the patented Horizon Safety System. This system detects when the laser beam is used in an uncontrolled or dangerous manner and deactivates the laser beam when needed. The possibility of endangering pilots and air traffic controllers is thereby eliminated. Next to that, to prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, the products are equipped with a key lock system.

Highly accurate positioning

By means of a very precise motor control of our automatic models and red dot sights on our handheld lasers, we enable users to carefully aim the laser beam before activation. In this way, projection of the laser beam in an unsafe area is prevented.

The products of Bird Control Group have a worldwide positive impact. They increase aviation safety by preventing bird strikes. Furthermore, lasers are applied in several other industries to prevent unnecessary damage and nuisance.