How to Scare Birds Away from Wine Grapes?

Brazil, Argentina, South America and Australia have some of the highest consumptions of wine annually1. Wine grapes are exported all over the world and there is a big competition for being the best vineyard. Just like any other farms in the agricultural industry, vineyards have a lot of problems in protecting their grapes from pest birds and finding sustainable ways to scare birds away from their vineyards.

  • How to Scare Birds Away from Wine Grapes?

Watch out for birds around harvest time!

There is no specific type of grapes that are affected more or less than the others, it all depends on the time that the grapes are beginning to ripen. The wine harvest for the Southern Hemisphere is between February and April, therefore the most crucial bird problems occur just before that period.

  • How to Scare Birds Away from Wine Grapes?

What can vineyard owners do to scare birds away?

Netting and spiking are some of the most common methods used to scare birds away from the wine grapes. However, these methods are short-term and not cost-effective. They also cause harm to the birds and the environment.

A vineyard in Southern California called Griffin’s Lair had a big problem with bird damage to grapes. The owner of Griffin’s Lair, Jim Griffin spent over 25,000 US dollars per year on netting and extra labour costs to control the bird damage. Griffin’s Lair started searching for a new bird repellent because netting was very costly and not effective enough. He came across the Automated laser bird repellent to scare birds away and decided to give it a try. A few months after the installations of 4 Autonomics, Griffin’s Lair achieved a 99.8% reduction in bird numbers.

This method of bird dispersal was very successful at Griffin’s Lair vineyard because they wanted to scare birds away effectively but stay committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Here is how Agrilaser Autonomic works: