Visualization of the amount of wildlife strikes in the USA recorded by the FAA between 1990 and 2009

The visualization gives you an overview of amount of collisions between aircraft and birds, mammals and reptiles. The following information is visualized:

– distribution between the amount of wildlife strikes during ascent and descent
– The average probability of damage per wildlife strike
– The number of human injuries
– The amount of humans lives lost
– How the amount of bird strikes are distributed during the day: night, dusk, day or dawn
– The mean altitude of wildlife strikes
– The total cost of wildlife strikes
– The average speed of the aircraft when it suffers a wildlife strike in knots

You can filter the results per state and per altitude of the wildlife strikes. Filtering on the altitude of wildlife strikes gives you the following information:

– Time of the day of wildlife strike
– Phase of flight when wildlife strike occurred
– Average speed in knots when wildlife strike occurred
– Feet above the ground when wildlife strike occurred
– Animal specie that was involved in the wildlife strike
– Amount of wildlife strikes
– Amount of damaged aircraft caused by the corresponding amount of wildlife strikes